The Last Fire Bird



And then they came, all 40000 of them except one, the people born from the ashes of the phoenix. Or so they call, the fire bird.

“We need a temporary home,” A man whom I believe is their leader said the very moment they met our barangay captain.

Our captain said nothing in return. Every one was in awe at the time.

“Don’t worry we’ll bring goodness to your land, we’ll make this land flourish with fruits again.” Again said the leader of the fire people – as I have called them because they call their creator a fire bird.

And so they were given a lot at the end of the town, almost the other side of the mountain. For all of them it seems fit. It was the previous trashland, which was not used for quite almost three decades now, but still the stink of the earth is still present just by passing by the place.

And yes, a year later they were able to make their side of town greener. They didn’t had an easy start as the people from our town did not accept them easily.

“ We are people born from the ashes of a fire bird. One man represents one feather, and someday we will return as a fire bird. But for that to happen we need to be together again.” Said Rex, one of the people whom I was able to speak to during their first days.

“How sure you are?” I asked.

“We dream every night since we woke up like this, some time ago.” To know how long was that time nobody knew.

“So one man is missing, and your looking for him. Is that why the firebird divided himself as many as you are now?”

“Nobody questions that intention of the firebird, it has its own life, and avery life is different from the one before it, but one thing is for sure, our goal in this life is to look for the missing feather of the previous fire bird.”

I silent

“Isn’t that how life should be, no matter what happened yesterday, it shouldn’t be a nuisance in having your goals at the present moment?. I think that’s how it should be. “ He affirmed himself.

And we parted ways, since then I never had a chance to speak with him again.

These people are dark in color, not black but dark. They had a very shiny black hair though, as black as the gas that when I look at them intently they seem to shine with all the colors. Their eyes were as dark as their hair is and their eyelashes which seems common to everyone of them is long like that of a beautiful girls eyelashes. Another common thing about these people, is that they are all people of nature, they can tend a broken bird’s wing. They can befriend any beast they encounter, once a deer got lost on our side of the town, and they were able to seem to tell her which way to find the others.They can make sure that a plant would grow from a seed. They were not aware of what plastic is, but then eventually they were able to know how to recycle them.

Some people from my town are actually envious of them. As years past, and as it turned into a decade, still their temporary stay is questioned. Eventually they were left on their own, but with all the money they are making for flourishing the land they borrowed the town would not let them have their own state.

I wouldn’t deny that even I got envy of these people. I have seen their side of town grow and ours eventually fell into sudden state of being poor. Some blame their coming as a curse. Some would say that the only difference between their side and ours is that they know how to help each other. But most agreed that our fall started when they came.

Which is another truth I would share, could be a coincident, but the people from our town just can’t ignore the fact that the some of the eldest in our town died all at the same time, 7 of them, just didn’t woke up the next day, And soon a lot of things followed. The first murder happened in our town, with our own people killing one of our neighbor.

Until a night came, when one man from our town got drunk and questioned them again.

“I remember how they died,” He shouted over the edge of the town. To the people who seems not to understand that they were being shouted of an anger of almost a decade now.

“I remember how they died, they died out of breath. The were choking. I saw both of my parents die and breathed their last breath. It’s as if there was an ash coming from out of their mouth, and like an ash it flew over the air.”

I can remember each word he said, I remember because they keep on repeating the same one for over a week, until he died. Just didn’t wake up.

“He was killed obviously,” Somebody said. Although most said that he died out of drunkenness.

Of course this talk did not just die as fast as when the man was buried, after a month one man, so drunk from reality, went straight to the edge of the town and burned their houses.

Nobody survived, but no bodies were found. Everything turned to ashes, and the story of the fire people seems to get lost as the days passed.

This was how it was told unto me by my father, and this is how I tell this to you, so that when you meet the last fire people, I want you to know what you should do with him, just bring him over to the trashland and a new fire bird will arise.




Summing Up


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Dear you,

Recently I had a post on my Facebook wall asking what comes after happiness.

Surprisingly, my friends incorporated it with my current relationship. (That I would probably be talking sometime yet because it already thought me a lot with this too young relationship.)

I was thinking that people would take it seriously as how I first asked the question; as how thoughts like that comes to me seriously; as how I have been described as being too serious. The good thing was that I became more happy with their answers. Sometimes too much thinking leads to unhappiness. I was happy then asking it, genuinely happy. And asking it may have been because, I fear losing, I fear of not knowing what to do next with it.

I’ve already got the answer when I asked that question. Validation, I guess was what’s I’m looking for. Which apparently I never had. It has been months since then and yet nobody has ever given me the answer as I do.

So again, what comes after happiness? Sharing. As once said,

“An act to make another happy, inspires the other to make still another happy, and so happiness is aroused and abounds. Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”1

And as we are hedonistic beings, happiness was never too hard for us to achieve. A little effort of appreciation and gratitude, and maybe a pinch of optimism, even though we may have different views for happiness, nothing beats shared happiness.

2017 has been too many ups and downs. A roller coaster ride indeed. I lost my ability to even tell the story even in this platform, where no one knows me. I lost myself, more than ever, more than any woods I have entered, more than any road I traveled. I lost myself that I even gave up looking. And being a loner, an introvert, who have tried going outside of his walls, it was a blessing and a mistake to let people into my life.  A mistake for I was hurt. I was disappointed, a blessing for I learned, and finally understood why I even myself was able to hurt people who have expected something from me.

For years, at the end and at the same  time the beginning, I was able to say once again that I am happy. For here I am, looking at myself again. That in the process of losing, I was able to appreciate the best part, that is always being able to find what was once lost. It may never be the same as before, but items are always more valued the second time around.

I have said once, to the same person I asked the question I have been pondering, that there are three things people needs to realize in his lifetime.

First, one must realize his own existence: his dream, his purpose.

Second, one must realize the existence of others.

Now first and second may be interchanged.

And since the first two, most of the time, overlaps the other or makes the other forgotten, the third is realizing both the existence of yourself and the existence of others.  Again having shared happiness.

And again at the end of this I am happy, now let me share this feeling with you.



Birthday Blues


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Dear You,

I’m lost, and lately I don’t feel like I can find what I’m looking for anytime soon.

Lost. How vague, honestly, searching for whatever has been missed.

In a few days time I will be celebrating my birthday again. Again, and yet I don’t feel any closer to what I have been trying reach. Another round of trials yet not being able to meet the expectations I have set myself. Are you feeling that right now, when you’re reading this, probably a year older than I am?

I easily get sad nowadays. I left my journal and I feel sad already. What with the news that makes me sad, I think it’s up to you to dare look back.

Currently I’m having a week of vacation in our province, Eastern Samar. Ishiguro already won Nobel. No good for Murakami which I felt more closer to although I never wished for Murakami to win. I find him a personal writer which I would like for myself alone. Not happening for now, I’ve just got a lot issues with overrated things.

I like underrated things, I hope you still do. Overrated ones, they seem to be misunderstood of what they really mean.

My life? I feel overly underrated, if you know what I mean. Sometimes I believe this is just a phase, that this will end.


P.S. Facebook reminded that six years ago, a doppleganger showed in our house, and now I feel the need to see him, feeling that he would maybe bring a good message coming from the future, from you.

The Essence of Writing


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I don’t know, really, what some would even call essential. Writing as essential practice of everyday life, I would just guess. I’m a reader and a listener to stories, if people would ask me, that’s what I usually tell them. Some, to my surprise, told me that I’m good at writing. But to me, this is just a normal cycle of somebody who reads and listens to stories, they tend to end up writing, or creating films or a painting, for art’s sake – if only painting and films are part of my forte, I would also have done the same. So you see how it is a normal process, once the bucket is full, then you have to pour the water to take another bucket, water the plants to it won’t get wasted.

So what is the essence of writing to me? It is the worth of discovery. Writing is a process (so is film making and painting, and dancing, and singing, and even digging gold, or planting a tree, or making pastries). And what do we do with process is mastering it, and mastering a process is a discovery of ourselves. The philosophy of everything we do is the ultimate goal of everyday living, we are  humans anyway. We think and never gets tired of thinking, of growing. (I believe.) So then this is a self discovery, something I do that I hope everyone would decide to do. Self discovery through a mastering a process.

“I read somewhere that how we shave in the morning has its own philosophy, too.”
– Wind/Pinball, 1973 (Haruki Murakami)


And here we are, existing to change the world for the better. Inviting everyone to do this.

Haddon Musings



I invite you to come and join me on this pilgrimage to change the world through thankfulness.  Perhaps if enough of us join together we can change the negative climate that exists and is overtaking our planet. Together we can move our fellow citizens of to a better, higher and finer place.

Dom and I went to New York City this past weekend.  We went to celebrate his birthday.  As I have written about in the past, Dom has a great love for music, particularly the opera.  So I bought us tickets to see Aida which was performed at the Metropolitan Opera on Saturday afternoon.  New York City has been the stage for some of the happiest and proudest moments of my life and the saddest and most heartbreaking moments of my life.  I am thankful that the heartbreak has not…

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The Thrill in Riding a Ferris Wheel — A Hundred and One List

Hey guys check out my new blog, and this one is definitely the one I’m going to try to fill through my lifetime.

It was a well planned get together with my old friends and as what happens with planned events it gets cancelled. So that’s why I’m alone. But this is not a story of my solitude, nor how I did get to the ferris wheel and how much it took for me to actually ride one. This […]

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Moments in Seconds



Today, while going to my work, this view greeted me a good morning. Yes the day may not seem to be  a good day over all, but thinking that atleast there was that moment that made my day, I think it’s more than enough to be thankful.

For the moment that made me smile.

For the moment that made me feel that there is goodness in everyday…

Is this how an optimist looks at things? Because I’m trying to learn it, actually I am planning to create another series on this blog which will then be the third series on my list, it focuses on the goodness of things with a hashtag getinspired.

Oh I may have forgot that I’m talking to my future self. Just a reminder and I really hope this should remind you someday that life has always this side of inspiration.



With all my muscles longing for rest, with my mind traveling back to the place where I just came from. Images of sceneries flashes over me as the bus I’m on is racing through the road under the sunset. I’m tired, my body is but not my spirit. This is the kind of fatigue I want. The kind of tiredness that I need. The one that could make me say, “It’s been a long day, I think I could rest now.”

But in reality what’s happening is that I’m just tired, my muscles are wanting rest not because I came from travelling to a place that brightens up my spirit and that tells me how wonderful it is to be alive. My body is tired and my mind is stressed over things that when I think about doesn’t really matter. But why is that? Because I let it happen.

In fact I have been holding back for days to post this one. It’s been saved on my draft for almost a week now. Why, you may ask? It’s because I’m tired. Life has been quite indefinite for me for quite some time, I actually told you with my previous letter what’s been happening with me. And also just to say that I’m trying to drive my life on a positive route towards my goals, I’m actually planning to share with you my goals rather than sharing you what stresses me. Planning. Actually.

I’m tired, again for the tenth time. And because of that I actually feel lost. Tired of this routine, of this life, (though I want to clarify that I’m not wishing or hoping to die any sooner). With this kind of feeling, I can’t make any sense to what matters to a young man like me. What matters to a man? But with all this, one good thing when I’m tired is I feel good listening to late night talks. Right now I’m actually reading All I Did Was Ask by Terry Gross. Maybe because doing so lets me relieve myself from the tiredness I feel, especially when all you have to do is listen to people talk about interesting topics that open your mind.

Now, that I’m postimg this, I just felt a weight off my back. Maybe, all that I needed to do all this time was to learn how to open up. Maybe so, maybe yes, who knows for real anyway? And just to share with you some of the positive thoughts I’m having lately, because I feel like people wouldn’t just want to hear what makes you feel tired, so of course I’m sharing you this.  Lately, I realized, how we need people to prove our own existence to ourselves rather than prove them how we exist. So then if only people will think the same way i just did, and then just be honest with themselves, the world will be a better place.

P.S. I really hope to hear from you soon. And, also, the same as I hope for the world to be a better place, that you’re not losing hope in living as how you believe that you’re already slowly missing the years of your life.

Monday Mourning


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We mourn,
For the times that we haven’t spoke up,
For the times that we let in fear than love,

We mourn,
For the times we did not stand up,
For the right and the things we feel are right,

We mourn,
Life that just passed by,
Cause we know we’re born,
To cry, giggle, and live with love.

A simple message that I’d like to make for the world. In fact I’m lost for words. Of course I’m busy with my work, and the world continues to spin as things, events, happenings, continue to make and break everything, cause this is a process of building and rebuilding humanity right? But then how does one’s life have meaning? Years ago I would answer one of the questions on our quiz in ethics, I wouldn’t even remember the question but I would remember clearly my answer, which goes like this. “It’s because we give others less value that we chose who will live and who wouldn’t.” Who has the right anyway to tell who is worthy and who is not? Isn’t it any existence worth existing even just the thought of idea? And wouldn’t it be that the greatest sin humanity has ever inflicted on its own is that we destroy existence of our kind?

I don’t know what to think at the moment, it could have been just the media, but it’s no joke that we humans can’t find our common ground when all these thousands of years we’ve been living under the same sky, on the same planet, in the same world.

Now You Don’t


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Just watched Now You See Me 2 directed by John M. Chu. And since it’s a second installment which already has a third part on plan, I was already expecting less from this movie. First because as I have said it’s been already been a second installment and rarely does it gets any better watching part two. Rarely. Second is that I can’t see how things are going to continue with this one. Yes there may be a lot ways to continue the plot, but there’s just this fear that this may just ruin the first one. But maybe that could be the reason that I enjoyed this film, it’s that I don’t know what to expect.

Of course there are loop holes and cliches. I don’t know but I think it’s legit for me to say that you can even guess the plot as it goes on. Not that it keeps on repeating tricks since it has been a rule never to repeat the same trick twice, it’s just that we already have a taste of it and there’s just quite enough to it. In other words, we don’t like just enough we want more than enough.We even expect the title to be more creative, like how the first part should be titled as Now You See Me and how this one should be titled as Now You Don’t. But then the best way to enjoy movies is to let yourself be carried away. Leave your critic self in your house when you watch movies. Like this kind of review from Polygon. I mean do we really watch movies to criticize, do we really experience art just to say what we don’t like about it? Though thinking about it we need them to inform us still, it’s just that I think to say what you really feel about the movie sometimes just ruins the experience. Why not just let the art be experienced and let them say how good it was.

So what made me enjoy this one is that the scene (which I wouldn’t say what exactly it is), made me feel like I’m watching The Italian Job. That’s just the first reference. But before getting any deeper let’s start at the beginning. One word for it, typical. Wherein it somehow explains what we know so far. Then the entrance of new characters. By the way, I would like to say how I liked Isla Fisher to be a part of this sequel so when I heard that she won’t be in this part I kind of think let’s just see. And now that I saw the movie, Lizzy Caplan is just enough for the role she was given. Although honestly speaking I feel a little bit funny about Daniel Radcliffe’s character, and surprised to see some. Continuing with how everything else falls into place (as this is a about magic and thus it needs preparations),it was actually less exciting than its predecessor. It was in fact, as I said, was quite the ones that you can already guess. But I am not into that, in the end, it’s still as playful as the first part with the characters. Then of course the act of magic. And with that I should say just watch the movie.

Hope you’re not expecting a lot after reading this post/review, because I don’t want you to.I don’t even want you to read this before watching the movie. It may destroy your overall experience. I posted this one because I just can’t contain how proud I was to actually be able to watch a sequel like that. Overall it made me want to watch it again, this time starting from part one and hopeful that part three is already done.