About Me

The only definite thing I can say about me is that I’m still young and got a lot to learn. I’m always curious about the world, not that I always wanted to hear news what’s happening globally or to those personalities who thinks they are the center of everything, but rather I’m curious about the real world. Of what it’s like to live, or to see the world where nature is as natural as our way of thinking. I always wonder what is there hidden beneath every word people say, or to the tears behind those smiles. I always look for something that will break me and to find myself whole again. I always love metaphor. And puzzles and ideas that can make my mind say wow. I also love pictures that tells a story, that shows the world, that cries emotion. And at the same time I’m looking for the missing part of me, for myself.

Hope to find whatever I’m looking for through the connection with my readers, through the world of blogging.


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