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We mourn,
For the times that we haven’t spoke up,
For the times that we let in fear than love,

We mourn,
For the times we did not stand up,
For the right and the things we feel are right,

We mourn,
Life that just passed by,
Cause we know we’re born,
To cry, giggle, and live with love.

A simple message that I’d like to make for the world. In fact I’m lost for words. Of course I’m busy with my work, and the world continues to spin as things, events, happenings, continue to make and break everything, cause this is a process of building and rebuilding humanity right? But then how does one’s life have meaning? Years ago I would answer one of the questions on our quiz in ethics, I wouldn’t even remember the question but I would remember clearly my answer, which goes like this. “It’s because we give others less value that we chose who will live and who wouldn’t.” Who has the right anyway to tell who is worthy and who is not? Isn’t it any existence worth existing even just the thought of idea? And wouldn’t it be that the greatest sin humanity has ever inflicted on its own is that we destroy existence of our kind?

I don’t know what to think at the moment, it could have been just the media, but it’s no joke that we humans can’t find our common ground when all these thousands of years we’ve been living under the same sky, on the same planet, in the same world.