The sun is hiding,
I don’t know why.
Behind the clouds,
I weep and cry.

My mother saw,
the sadness within.
And asked me why
I look beaten.

I told her about the sun,
and how I want to play outside.
And she told me new things,
I never heard until now.

“For today is rainy day son,
and there will always be those days.
Just like your feeling of sadness,
That comes from time to time.

And we don’t allow you to play,
outside during rainy days,
for we don’t want you,
to get sick all through the next day.

But if you really like,
when it rains I’ll let you play,
for those moments are memories,
worth keeping to know what rain is.

Same as times when we want to cry,
Rain comes to cool the earth,
But dont forget when all is done,
to wipe your tears, all over you face,”

I was inspired I don’t know why,
I feel there’s a something in that message,
someday I want to know,
but for now I’ll watch the earth cry.