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Dear you,

Recently I had a post on my Facebook wall asking what comes after happiness.

Surprisingly, my friends incorporated it with my current relationship. (That I would probably be talking sometime because it already taught me a lot with this too young relationship.)

I was thinking that people would take it seriously as how I first asked the question; as how thoughts like that come to me seriously; as how I have been described as being too serious. The good thing was that I became more happy with their answers. Sometimes too much thinking leads to unhappiness. I was happy then asking it, genuinely happy. And asking it may have been because, I fear losing, I fear of not knowing what to do next with it.

I’ve already got the answer when I asked that question. Validation, I guess was what I’m looking for. Which apparently I never had. It has been months since then and yet nobody has ever given me the answer as I do.

So again, what comes after happiness? Sharing. As once said,

“An act to make another happy, inspires the other to make still another happy, and so happiness is aroused and abounds. Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”1

And as we are hedonistic beings, happiness was never too hard for us to achieve. A little effort of appreciation and gratitude, and maybe a pinch of optimism, even though we may have different views for happiness, nothing beats shared happiness.

2017 has too many ups and downs. A roller coaster ride indeed. I lost my ability to even tell the story even in this platform, where no one knows me. I lost myself, more than ever, more than any woods I have entered, more than any road I traveled. I lost myself that I even gave up looking. And being a loner, an introvert, who have tried going outside of his walls, it was a blessing and a mistake to let people into my life. A mistake for I was hurt. I was disappointed, a blessing for I learned, and finally understood why even I was able to hurt people who have expected something from me.

For years, at the end and at the same time the beginning, I was able to say once again that I am happy. For here I am, looking at myself again. That in the process of losing, I was able to appreciate the best part, that is always being able to find what was once lost. It may never be the same as before, but items are always more valued the second time around.

I have said once, to the same person I asked the question I have been pondering, that there are three things people need to realize in his lifetime.

First, one must realize his own existence: his dream, his purpose.

Second, one must realize the existence of others.

Now first and second may be interchanged.

And since the first two, most of the time, overlap with the other or make the other forgotten, the third is realizing both the existence of yourself and the existence of others. Again having shared happiness.

And again at the end of this I am happy, now let me share this feeling with you.

1 https://fakebuddhaquotes.com/thousands-of-candles-can-be-lighted-from-a-single-candle-and-the-life-of-the-single-candle-will-not-be-shortened-happiness-never-decreases-by-being-shared/