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Just watched Now You See Me 2 directed by John M. Chu. And since it’s a second installment which already has a third part on plan, I was already expecting less from this movie. First because as I have said it’s been already been a second installment and rarely does it gets any better watching part two. Rarely. Second is that I can’t see how things are going to continue with this one. Yes there may be a lot ways to continue the plot, but there’s just this fear that this may just ruin the first one. But maybe that could be the reason that I enjoyed this film, it’s that I don’t know what to expect.

Of course there are loop holes and cliches. I don’t know but I think it’s legit for me to say that you can even guess the plot as it goes on. Not that it keeps on repeating tricks since it has been a rule never to repeat the same trick twice, it’s just that we already have a taste of it and there’s just quite enough to it. In other words, we don’t like just enough we want more than enough.We even expect the title to be more creative, like how the first part should be titled as Now You See Me and how this one should be titled as Now You Don’t. But then the best way to enjoy movies is to let yourself be carried away. Leave your critic self in your house when you watch movies. Like this kind of review from Polygon. I mean do we really watch movies to criticize, do we really experience art just to say what we don’t like about it? Though thinking about it we need them to inform us still, it’s just that I think to say what you really feel about the movie sometimes just ruins the experience. Why not just let the art be experienced and let them say how good it was.

So what made me enjoy this one is that the scene (which I wouldn’t say what exactly it is), made me feel like I’m watching The Italian Job. That’s just the first reference. But before getting any deeper let’s start at the beginning. One word for it, typical. Wherein it somehow explains what we know so far. Then the entrance of new characters. By the way, I would like to say how I liked Isla Fisher to be a part of this sequel so when I heard that she won’t be in this part I kind of think let’s just see. And now that I saw the movie, Lizzy Caplan is just enough for the role she was given. Although honestly speaking I feel a little bit funny about Daniel Radcliffe’s character, and surprised to see some. Continuing with how everything else falls into place (as this is a about magic and thus it needs preparations),it was actually less exciting than its predecessor. It was in fact, as I said, was quite the ones that you can already guess. But I am not into that, in the end, it’s still as playful as the first part with the characters. Then of course the act of magic. And with that I should say just watch the movie.

Hope you’re not expecting a lot after reading this post/review, because I don’t want you to.I don’t even want you to read this before watching the movie. It may destroy your overall experience. I posted this one because I just can’t contain how proud I was to actually be able to watch a sequel like that. Overall it made me want to watch it again, this time starting from part one and hopeful that part three is already done.