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Time will pass, and everything on it too will follow. Or as some others have said, time will remain constant, and so everything on it too. It’s just that whichever side time stands, we stand against it. Like a mirror we see them (time and everything) the way it reflects us. So why not give everything you can give to yourself while you can still see your reflection.

Last night I met different people. Met, to the idea that I was just able to dine and listen to their stories. I don’t know them. And knowing a person is the critical thing already. It will make you question how much does knowing will be knowing. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t want to get deeper with this conversation as I know I wouldn’t be able to fully explain it again. So let’s just end this topic as is for now.

Continuing with what’s happening with my life. I was drunk last night. It’s not that I can’t walk straight anymore in fact I had the strength to walk  a kilometer before deciding that my feet are too tired after a whole day of work. I am a college drop out so I’m working. Although I have told in an earlier letter that I am thankful, what’s wrong now is that I begin to question my decisions with my life because I want something else and yet I’m stuck with the things I didn’t feel like doing, or should I say didn’t expect that I’d be doing. I would question, “Why, that even though at a state that we are more capable of achieving the things we want we still deny ourselves of it?”

So I would think, and think, and think. First if this action is even a product of my own decision, or a decision of providing others what they expect from me. Because I would have proved to myself that living life out of other’s expectations will bring you no good. That’s why I would believe that it’s no Karma that brings you bad luck after you have walked the path that is not wished by others you walk, but rather challenges. Since they are new and strange things to you. Cliche it is, to tell you this but aren’t “Clichés remind and reassure us that we’re not alone, that others have trod this ground long ago.” from Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco.

P.S. Everyday we die a little, so why not die with the things we want.