First I would like to explain why I am putting titles on my letters, I don’t know though sometimes I feel like I must start with ‘Dear Self,’ or ‘To someone I haven’t met yet,’ which sounds more appropriate. Well the titles seems to make me feel that I’m writing for myself too. Although this letter is categorized as Open Letter to Myself, I’m writing this to somebody I haven’t met yet. The future me I suppose. Anyway today as I said yesterday I have to travel 3 hours everyday to get to my work, so this time I tried leaving earlier just to see if I can be on my workplace with a lesser travel time. Unfortunately today was the most grueling so far since I started working. I have just been with my job for almost four months, it’s not that I am complaining about it, it’s just that I realized how some people like me who commutes everyday is somehow deprived of their rights. Oh well if it sounds that I’m complaining then I’m complaining but as i don’t want to get that far, I’m going back to my title.

Trust your instinct, I learned today just how to do it. It’s no easy feat i should say, because it takes trusting, and whether you admit it or not, one way or another we all have trust issues. So trusting your instinct is not just building trust with yourself, but building yourself. I don’t know how to explain this one in details but someday I hope I can. Maybe when your reading this you already can explain to a five year old child. Because explaining it to a child is the only means you can fully understand it.

So that’s it for now. I have lots to share about if I wanna go in details of this days event. I don’t have photos to share for now, but it was raining all morning if you would like to know about the weather. And also I have some mistakes that I’m now thinking on how I will learn from it. But in general I just want to share what I just learned and that is trusting yourself is like building yourself, oh no not like, but is. See I learn fast in correcting myself I hope you do too.


P.S. One honest thing, I’m looking forward to  meeting you someday.