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Calatagan Island


It was when I look out the window of our office located at the 11th floor of the building that I felt like good things are coming. First is that I felt like I will stay longer than I thought I would in this company I’m working now. Second is that there are just good things that are coming, just like how winter comes.

It was an idle time, nothing much to do in the middle of the day. It was also just after lunch time so my sleepy head is quite the one on the lead today. I thought what could be the reason that I thought of this? I was reading  Haruki Murakami’s Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World but I don’t think that it’s the cause. Giving it more time to think about, about after two hours, I found myself watching the great clouds outside the window. Great. Enormous. Gigantic clouds that seems to be playful and not the one that brings rain which then floods the city. Outside the windows that sometimes gives me chills when I think about the possibility that it may break and like the window of the planes in movies, it sucks out everything. I wished I could take a photo of them, but phones are not allowed inside our work place. Rather I was left mesmerizing over them while putting into the depth of my consciousness.

And further thinking I just had these thoughts of how free are those clouds. They live and roam the sky without any limit, they can be of any form they like. They will fall down as rain, but then they can regain themselves again. Or should I thank those water molecules instead who decided to form these clouds, who somehow made my day. Those small, tiny water molecules who can’ t even be seen by our naked eyes.

Finally, I’m just inspired. I made this just to remind myself that I was once inspired by those clouds. I’m thinking now of how I can put them into art, of how I can eternalize the feelings that I just had.