What is something we can call ours and ours only? Something we can share but can never be stolen, something we all have even more unique than our fingerprints and DNA’s. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a five letter word that starts with s and ends with y. I bet you already got it. I thought of making, or rather sharing my own, after reading Michelle’s blog entry Every Truth  has a Qualifier. A story is something I call my own.

I begin by asking myself who am I. Because then there I start to look at myself, at my story.

First I’ll share with you how I got into blogging. It was just something I saw as I surf the net, then I tried doing one entry, the date was barely remembered, and the next thing I know is that I am making blog entries every now and then. The story here isn’t the process but to how I started by trying it. I think there’s more in trying, there’s more in saying to ourselves that there’s no harm in trying, although we know there is we just don’t care about the tragic end because our dreams is bigger than fear. And also if we think enough about the harm in trying is that it is what we are all looking for in this life, as long as it’s not fatal, the harm that can teach us.

So I write, but before that, I first learned to read. Who am I reading? My first love of my life in literature is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Who isn’t going to fall with that book, and would somebody be even so insensitive meeting a boy lost in the middle of a scorching desert, I don’t think anybody would be. But then what turned me to love this little prince even more is growing up and realizing that I was the little prince. That deep inside me lives a prince that dreams, and learned to love selflessly. In fact it’s one of the books that I reread at least once a year.

Another one who will teach me is Santiago from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. This I tell you is another great story. Like the little prince, Santiago also is a dreamer. So much to tell but I think one way of describing it is that it’s an inspirational read to anyone who dreams.

The newest and the youngest in my list, and also the one that opened a new realm of literature is Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. Now this is something better talked about rather than being written, so if you really want to talk about Kafka, let’s meet.

So much with reading and writing, I like to share some of my other hobbies, that is walking, yes I walk a lot and I wonder why some people hate walking, I wonder if they’re just lazy enough or just don’t see the tranquility it brings me. With walking I can see the world in my pace. It also let’s me think things and sometimes it lets me unload some dead weight as I take step after step. I can remember when did I first made this a hobby. Sometimes when I look for inspiration to write, I walk, sometimes just out of doing nothing, that happens barely because I have a load to read books. But this is one I didn’t really bother wondering how I started, other than the good for the body benefits I see from doing this, I think I can grow old walking because somehow it also taught me how to appreciate solitude, in a good way.

Taking another step forward my story, I share with as how I see myself with my age, regardless of the number, I believe I’m still too young and still got a lot to learn. Like a lot, rather than just a barrel, I think there is a ship full of barrel that is waiting for me to discover out there, not in the sea I hope, because I have thalassophobia.

Thalassophobia, fear of the sea, you may be wondering why. Because I feel like the sea is a very mysterious thing, that it hides a lot of things and thus I am afraid what am I about to see, theoretically I can say that I fear the unknown, but the sea is the only place I feel like there’s some truth under it that can swallow me hole.

I think this is getting long, and yet I still feel like there’s a lot to tell, sorry if you haven’t found what you’re looking for when you started reading this, but all I wanted to share is who I am with my story, and now I think you see my almost everyday life.

So what’s you story? Who are you?