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The year is about to end. The nights are getting colder and events are being organised almost everywhere. And today is my birthday. I woke up, opened my eyes looked to the still sleeping world. Happy birthday to me. I said to myself, it’s been a habit of mine every time my very special day arrives, I always give myself contentment and gratefulness to the world. Right now I thank for this quite world.

I made myself a coffee, and as it’s a weekday it means that I still have to work. But I don’t forget that today is my day, my special day, so I already have plans on how this one’s going to be.

At work I was greeted by my close friends, I keep a few who will know it’s my birthday so that I wont have to treat a lot by the end of the day, just kidding but for real I like few people who are real than being in a big group that aren’t true people at all.

After work, that is earlier than usual, I am now in my favorite spot of the park. I am giving myself myself. I think it’s the better gift everybody should give to themselves – solitude. Not that people should live all their life alone (I didn’t mean lonely), it’s just that they should learn to appreciate their own existence, and thus they can evaluate themselves and be better for themselves – without any judgment from others, may be it good or bad. This moment is a moment to myself, I am connected with who I am.

Later when I got back home, a box was given to me by the clerk of the hotel, it was a birthday gift from my girlfriend. Unfortunately she’s out of town because of her work. Earlier today text messages sent by my relatives  greeted me and again I thank the world for the love that returns after sending some.

Before I closed my eyes for this day’s rest,  my thoughts went back on how the end of the year is near as to how this day easily ends. Ending, I thought deeper, were set by humans maybe and even though sometimes the end makes some things more precious (a line from Gwen Stacy’s speech from The Amazing Spiderman 2), I believe  if we could forget about it for a moment, the fear of facing it won’t be that hard, or it could be that we could live better without thinking it.

I also remembered this weekend’s plan of seeing my relatives. To face a new year, a new start. Then thoughts of how a new beginning arises from ending, another way of making things that will end more precious, being optimist about the new start.