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Yes it is taken from Jack Kerouac’s novel with the same title. But no it is not of the same story, or maybe it is. I don’t know, I haven’t read the book yet, just planning.

Plans, I just have so much. Right now, I’m planning to start a new daily entry on my blog. Of course it’s just one on the list. It’s been months since the last time I made a post and since then I can’t seem to find an inspiration to write. Since lately things start to go downhill again for me, or for everyone I think. Listening to world news shows it somehow that the whole humanity is going down. So I’m stuck with making plans.

Living in the moment is another plan of mine. As I am reading Miles to Cross: A Spiritual Journey on the Open Road by Mike  Howerton which just inspired me to think of it. Honestly I was inspired to be on a pilgrimage reading this, and to write my experience. (Of course right now it’s just another part of the plan.)

My problem with planning is that it gets me nowhere, not making me feel the job half done. It’s just simply listing things out and thinking about what should be prioritized but not really starting. And if there’s one thing that I appreciate it has given me, the thought of contemplating on life. Like where I am and what’s happening now and later on? On second thought is it still worth thinking of such things? Doesn’t that limits us from living in the present moment as (I have) some of us wanted? Isn’t life more enjoyable if we let it be as it is, in hedonistic point of view? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Now this may not have something real to tell. Overall I just find this entry an erratic wanderer. A vagabond lost in life, and trying to find it’s worth but as I was writing this entry, I just realized the difference between a plan and a dream. As I child I (we) have dreamed of things we wanted to be,  and now that we’re grown ups, more capable of achieving our dreams, why would we kill it on the road?