“Writing, or doing any kind of work needs an inspiration. You won’t just be doing anything because you can do it, you’ll do it because you love to do it. Because you are inspired doing it.” This is what I thought lately because I’ve been losing the fuel to do things that I usually enthusiastically do.

It’s been over a month since my last post and now that I made a schedule of posting in my blog, I don’t have any idea what to post. Even ideas run out. They say it’s out there, just look for it, or wait for it. So I looked for it, in things that I usually do: listening to music; reading; walking around in the unknown area of the town; meditating. And also I tried doing something new: like reading other genres I don’t usually read; cooking; I even tried starting knitting and crochets, but I just can’t find the fuel that once light the fire in things that I want to do.

So I thought maybe it’s not out there but it’s what inside you that matters the most. Dig deep within your thoughts, ask what you really want to do. For now I still haven’t done good on looking for inspirations. Maybe this isn’t the time to row the boat but to go with the flow. So until I find my inspiration, maybe I won’t be writing for a while. Of course these are just my ideas. And to point out that this post isn’t a product of an inspired person, it’s obvious that I still need to find that once lit the fire. So what do you do in times you are stagnant? When you feel so unproductive, that even though you have set a goal for yourself you feel like your lacking something? It would be a pleasure for me to hear from you…