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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Have You Never Been Mellow?.”


After a week of leaving and going back to my comfort zone, finally it has arrived – weekend. But surely it’s not what makes me mellow, there are five days and 24 hours in it and in every second, my life could be ruined by some unexpected ugly turns of events.

So how do I get myself  back in a state of being mellow? Music. Indeed it never failed me every single time. I just have to put my earphones on and press the play button. And what’s playing is my ever adaptable playlist.

I have three playlist I never deleted since I made them. Although once in a while, I edit them. I insert new songs or remove some that has since past my taste.

But of  all three of them, my favorite is this Before Sleep Playlist, which gives me the effect of reading some bednight stories I read to my 3 yr old nephew, (Goodnight Moon, my favorite.)  These are the songs closest to me:

Starting with U2’s I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight , followed by the following

Shawn Mullins Lullaby;
Dashboard Confessional’s Belle of the Boulevard;
Greyson Chance’s Sunshine and City Lights;
Owls City’s Fireflies;
Demi Lovato’s Live Performance of My Love’s Like a Star;
Lily Allen’s Somewhere Only We Know;
Maroon 5’s Lost Star;
The Postal Service’s The District Sleeps Alone Tonight;
Owl City’s Vanilla Twilight;
Of Monsters and Men’s Slow and Steady;
Jaymee Dee’s Till I Fall Asleep;
Birdy’s Farewell and Goodnight;

P.S. I listen to them any time I want…whether at the start or the middle of the day…

So I want to hear what’s your mellow playlist, maybe I could add some new songs to mine…