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Memories, memories, memories.

It seems that every bit of them, happy or sad, good or bad, are worth remembering. Lately I just wondered if ever I’m holding on too much for them, but it seems that when I grow up, like really grow up, and reached the title to being old, it will be the reason that I will say, “I had a very worth while stay on this realm, now I’m ready to move on.”

Just now I read a blog by Margaret Ellis. I felt the blog was somehow trying to take something from the pile of her memory, it felt nostalgic. Well, the post was about the present moment with a bit of comparison between then and now, but you can’t take away the part where memory played a big part.

How do I keep special moments in my life? I keep a journal, and somehow they’re just too personal, but maybe because of this blog I’ll put a touch of my personality in blogging.