I want to feel the pain,
That hides within this veins,
That red instead of silver lining,
That once was my escape.

I want to feel the pain,
From this metal blade,
The pain I yearn to know,
than not being loved at all.

Then I met this people,
Whom somehow has life messed as mine,
Then I met this people,
Whom all is want is to be loved.

I want to end this pain,
Whom I knew since then,
Pain who returns,
No matter how love arrives.

I am gay but not happy,
I am in pain but not loved.
For once I thought they coexist,
Pain in love, and love in pain.

Then I met these people,
Who’s lives are messed as mine,
These people,
Whom all is want, is be loved.

Then I asked myself,
Can I be their blade,
that will cut their misery away,
but then I know, I’m just another blade
that cuts their veins within.

All I want is acceptance,
And freedom from high expectaions,
If you’d like add this,
Not to be compared to my twin sister.

All I have is pain,
From not being loved and accepted,
From not being accepted but compared,
To my Class A sister,

Sometimes I wish I don’t exist,
And that times were just like now,
This time I’m sure there’s no mistake,
Than to pull the trigger perfect this second time around.